ANU M.Pharmacy 2nd Sem Exams Notification-2016

By | August 31, 2016

ANU M.Pharmacy 2nd Semester Regular Examination Notification Sep2016-Released

Here you have an update from ANU. ANU have been released 2nd Semester regular Examination Notification. The ANU have been released Examination Notification for ANU M.Pharmacy 2nd Sem Exam Notification September 2016. All the students who have been waiting for the Exams Notification, now here is the Info about the Notification.  Here there Examination Notification have been released. Now the ANU have been announced all the info about the Examination you can check the related details in our site. So check your examination notification now in the given links below for ANU M.Pharmacy 2nd Sem Exams Notification September 2016. Below you can see the  official links provided in our site to check ANU M.Pharmacy 2nd sem Exams Notification Sep2016. You can scroll down to check the Notification of M.Pharmacy 2nd semester Notification.

ANU M.Pharmacy 2nd sem exams regular notification

Below you have the link for the ANU M.Pharmacy 2nd sem regular Examination notification sept 2016

Checkout ANU M.Pharmacy 2nd sem exams Notification in the given link below:

Here below we have a link for ANU M.Pharmacy 2nd sem Exams Notification sept 2016

ANU M.Pharmacy 2nd Sem Examination Notification(sept 2016)        

In the given Link you can the see the details of the examination fee Notification and if you scroll Down there is a an Official Link, if you want to Download the Official Notification of ANU Click on it. Then the Notification will be downloaded into your device.

Here you have some info about the Fee details:

  1. The total Examination fee is Rs. 1870/-
  2. The Fee for one Paper will be Rs. 385/-
  3. The Fee for two papers will be Rs. 750/-
  4. The Fee Three or more papers will be Rs. 1870/-
  5. The Fee for Practical Examination for each paper is Rs.200/-

These are the official link of the ANU 2nd sem Exams Notification(sept 2016). The Students of M.Pharmacy 2nd sem can check their Exam Notification in our site. If anyone had any problem, complaints regarding the link you can give your feedback to us through comments and valuable suggestions are also required to us.

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